Why Is My Xbox One Fan So Loud? (Clean/Replace Xbox Fan)


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Microsoft has launched players with the perfect gaming gear within the form of Xbox One, and those that personal an Xbox know it may possibly compete brilliantly within the online game business. Its high-quality gaming expertise brings actual pleasure to players however its GPU and different {hardware} require quite a lot of vitality to lastly current what you want. But we shouldn’t neglect why these followers are actually vital to forestall the console from getting scorching.

Worried about Xbox One making loud fan noise? Its noise will be inconvenient not just for the gamer however for others sitting round as nicely. Here we’ve got put our greatest efforts to clarify why these followers are important within the first place and why the Xbox one followers loud

Let’s get began!

Why is my Xbox one fan so loud?

Believe it or not, the Xbox fan noise is kind of widespread. The Xbox One is thought for its 4K resolutions and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos and behind these some critical heat-generating {hardware} works.

The most certainly causes for Xbox One making loud fan noise are:

  • All technicians agree that the first explanation for loud fan noise is the temperature of the motherboard.
  • Poor upkeep of your gaming setup and mud build-up
  • A defective piece within the manufacturing course of or unfunctional fan.

How to repair Xbox one making loud fan noise?

The noise of the Xbox one is irritating however discovering a straightforward resolution isn’t that tough. Here are some simple routine steps you are able to do to decrease the noise to a minimal.

1. Change Xbox location

If you don’t need your cooling fan to work time beyond regulation and don’t make loud noises, it’s best to transfer your console to a cooler location. Poor air flow or putting of Xbox in a tiny cupboard doesn’t enable it to blow out the new air ensuing within the fan having to strive greater than its capability. Identify the problem and transfer the console arrange in a extra open a part of your shelve or room with an ample air circulation house.

2. Clean your Xbox from mud

Make certain your Xbox doesn’t catch mud as a result of the console accumulates mud with out you realizing more often than not. Moreover, these mud particles block the console’s cooling airways inflicting extra warmth subsequently the inner temperature leads the fan to work more durable and releases extra noise.

It is greatest to wash out as a lot mud as you possibly can, observe a schedule to wash it periodically. Otherwise, the fan’s spin will solely enhance the mud consumption. Keeping mud off is straightforward; you possibly can strive compressed air by means of the holes and fly away mud with out taking any console components away.

3. Apply the thermal paste as coolant

Well, thermal paste is a generally accessible substance that’s utilized on integral components in Xbox One to maintain it cool, and the fan doesn’t need to work more durable. The paste work as a coolant coated across the heat-prone components of the console. The course of requires you to disassemble Xbox, and neither Microsoft nor the specialists advocate you to take your console aside.

The thermal paste dries off after fairly a while, sadly leading to failure of stopping heating and making the Xbox noise louder than ever.

How to wash Xbox one fan?

Keeping your cooling fan clear ought to be a players first selection. The cleansing won’t solely reduce the loud noise of the fan but additionally positively have an effect on the cooling of the central processing unit. That’s why upkeep ensures the fan rotates simply doesn’t consumption extra mud into the console. There are the steps you will have to observe for a correct fan cleansing:

  1. Unplug your Xbox One and take away all of the batteries, wires or energy cables from the console and controller
  2. Keep your setup in a dry place
  3. Use a microfiber fabric for cleansing of Xbox from the surface and wipe down all the floor
  4. Note that drag the material in a single course prevents mud from going into ports and mud grates

The microfiber fabric is much like the lens fabric and is normally often known as mud cloths. The common dusting obstructs mud build-up on the surface, providing much less mud movement contained in the console. After cleansing the console from outdoors

  1. Loosen the mud in and across the console’s vents, opening, and ports with a soft-bristled brush
  2. Place a pin by means of the hole to ban the fan from circling
  3. Spray a can of compressed air in by means of the holes and blow away the mud from the realm
  4. Don’t spray unexpectedly; solely apply brief bursts
  5. Vents are perfect for air bursts to take away mud from the fan simply

You may also use a vacuum to suck away all of the mud from in/outdoors, console’s vents, and ports. Once certain concerning the cleansing, wipe the fabric over the Xbox’s floor yet another time.

Xbox one fan alternative

If you will have utilized all of the strategies and cures to decrease the loud noise of the fan, this is perhaps the proper time and resolution to interchange it. The possibility will be tailored to do away with a loud or unfunctional fan. The fan is straightforward to put in at dwelling; if you’re useful along with your gaming system, you simply have to search out the proper measurement for the fan. Follow the steps one-by-one to interchange your Xbox One Fan simply:

  1. Unplug all of the wires, energy cables, and so forth., out of your console.
  2. Open your Xbox One field; you possibly can peel the evident tape up.
  3. Without any harm, Microsoft doesn’t throw off any warranties.
  4. Remove the higher case of the console.
  5. Now disconnect the speaker connector from the panel board, adopted by a detachment of the antenna cable.
  6. After eradicating screws, decide up and shift the Wifi Table apart.
  7. Now one after the other, take away screws from the height of the higher steel field and carry it.
  8. Here disconnect the WIFI cable, laborious drive, and knowledge cables from the motherboard.
  9. Here you possibly can take away the laborious drive tray and optical drive energy from the motherboard.
  10. The fan cable is seen now, and disconnect it from the motherboard.
  11. In the final half, use a plastic opening software to pry up the proper and left clips and implant the spudger between sink and fan.
  12. Easily take away the fan.
  13. After taking out the unique fan, you possibly can place the brand new one.
  14. Reconnect the wires and assemble the console once more.

The new silent fan will certainly contribute to eliminating the Xbox noise for a smoother console functioning.


The Xbox One has been a major mark on the model’s legacy since its launch, and it’s been everybody’s first selection. It has higher console options, improved processing items, and a greater graphic card. But it’s also a indisputable fact that it makes some noise and distracts customers whereas gaming.

Now you don’t have to fret concerning the Xbox One Fan noise anymore. We imagine our detailed information has acknowledged you with all of the methods that may provide help to remove or cut back the fan noise. If you’re nonetheless not sure about any of the following pointers, get in contact with us or share your ideas within the feedback.