What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It

Among avid gamers, streamers maintain a star status. As a consequence, different avid gamers need to play each with and towards them. Unfortunately, to a small phase of the gaming inhabitants, taking down a streamer whereas they play is a twisted mark of delight — a lot in order that some avid gamers resort to stream sniping to make it occur.

Stream sniping is when a gamer takes benefit of a streamer’s video feed to exploit them. This can vary from determining the place they’re within the sport to merely watching their technique and utilizing the proper counter-strategy towards them. While that is typically a bannable offense, it doesn’t cease some individuals from attempting it.

What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It

What Is Stream Sniping?

Have you ever performed split-screen multiplayer with a buddy? In video games like Halo, having the ability to take a look at a buddies’ display screen and work out the place they’re would provide the higher hand. You can lay in wait or launch a shock assault. Of course, they may work out your place, too.

Stream sniping is analogous in idea. By watching a streamer’s video feed, you possibly can gauge the place they’re at that actual second within the sport. If you’re enjoying with them in the identical sport, you should utilize this info towards them. 

For instance, Fortnite streamers are sometimes well-known. If you run throughout one in all them in your sport, you possibly can conceal and activate their stream to give your self a bonus.

This is much more true in card video games or technique video games that don’t depend on split-second decision-making. If the sport properly sufficient and can work out what technique your opponent is pursuing, you can begin engaged on a counter-strategy to beat them.

None of those are nice sportsmanship, thoughts you. That doesn’t cease some avid gamers from utilizing this methodology to give them a leg up.

What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It

How To Stop or Prevent Stream Sniping

Although stream sniping is a bannable offense on platforms like Twitch, it’s additionally nearly unattainable to show that somebody is stream sniping. As a consequence, many individuals proceed to get away with it. Although many well-known streamers have steered options (together with fashionable Twitch avid gamers Ninja and Sypher), there isn’t a foolproof means to cease stream sniping. There are, nonetheless, steps you possibly can take.

Take Advantage of Streamer Mode

More and extra avid gamers are implementing one thing referred to as “Streamer Mode.” This is completely different from Discord’s streamer mode, which protects your private info. Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and others have an non-obligatory mode that randomizes your username within the sport. This makes it considerably tougher for a participant in-game to acknowledge you and seek out your stream.

Use a Delay on Your Stream

Although delaying your stream received’t cease you from being acknowledged in-game, it may well make it a lot tougher for somebody to work out precisely the place you might be within the sport at any given second. Your stream will present content material on a timed delay moderately than in real-time.

Some companies like Twitch mechanically put your stream on a delay, however you possibly can enhance (or lower) the delay with a instrument like OBS.

  1. Open OBS and choose File > Settings.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It
  1. Select Advanced.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It
  1. Select the Stream Delay header and choose Enable. You can then select how a lot you need to delay your stream.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It

This received’t utterly defend you, however it’s useful in first-person shooters and card video games. 

Choose a Different Username

If you select a unique gamertag than your Twitch username, it may well have an effect on your visibility and how a lot individuals watch you. At the identical time, it may well scale back the variety of those that stream snipe you. It’s not an ideal resolution, however it’s one thing to think about if you end up the goal of a number of snipers. 

Use an Overlay

Let’s suppose you’re enjoying a sport that makes use of a minimap, corresponding to League of Legends or almost any first-person shooter. In that case, stream snipers usually monitor your map to gauge and approximate your location. If you employ an overlay to block your minimap, individuals will nonetheless have the ability to benefit from the stream — however they received’t have any thought the place you might be on the map.

You can add a easy overlay to OBS with ease.

  1. Open OBS. In the Scenes field, choose the + icon.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It
  1. Name the scene and choose OK.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It
  1. After this, choose the + icon within the Sources field and choose Images.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It
  1. Name the picture and choose OK, then select Browse and choose the picture you need to use out of your information. Select OK.
What Is Stream Sniping and How to Stop It
  1. Resize the picture and place on-screen the place the minimap can be. Whenever you need to use this overlay, choose the attention image within the Sources field in OBS. It will seem on-screen and block your minimap.

Make Stream Sniping As Difficult as Possible

Unfortunately, there isn’t a really efficient resolution for stream snipers. Your most suitable choice is to make the method as troublesome and irritating as attainable, thus discouraging and hopefully forcing them to select a better goal.

Any of those 4 strategies listed above can sluggish downstream snipers and make you a tougher goal. But, finally, ignore the trolls. Streaming is about having enjoyable and creating content material to your viewers, and a few unhealthy apples shouldn’t be allowed to spoil that have for you.