What is HTC S-OFF?


What is HTC S-OFF

Do you might have an HTC telephone and want to alter partitions in your telephone? Is the safety function disturbing you from doing this? This article will take care of HTC S-OFF, which helps you to flip off this safety protocol. As part of this course of, you may be required to study in regards to the HTC bootloader, which is lined within the article. Read the article utterly to have a greater perception on this subject.

What is HTC S-OFF

What is HTC S-OFF?

Generally, all of the gadgets have the S-ON safety protocol, for which it locations a flag on the Radio partition whereas being shipped to the general public. In different phrases, the safety flag of the HTC telephone is turned on by default. You can flip off this flag in your HTC telephone. Here’s the right way to do it:

  • It is saved on the machine’s radio and turning it off can will let you write to the system reminiscence.
  • It hinders you from utilizing any customized ROMs, splash photographs, restoration, and so forth., in your HTC android telephone.
  • It additionally prevents you from accessing the NAND flash reminiscence and restricts you from making everlasting adjustments to the NAND partitions on the machine.
  • The NAND partition contains the Boot partition, the restoration partition, the Radio, the System partition, and so forth.
  • The adjustments you make on the HTC telephone with the S-ON could be reversed to regular by merely rebooting the telephone.
  • S-OFF doesn’t provide the flexibility to revert to the features of your telephone upon a reboot. You can know if the telephone is S-ON or S-OFF or if the flag is on or off, from the textual content on the highest of the notification.

Note: Turning off the safety or S-OFF is the whole duty of the consumer and should not be performed till there is a necessity for it.

Can You Have a Root Using S-OFF on HTC Phone?

A root is much like having one other consumer in your Linux OS. Turning the S-OFF in your HTC telephone on the bootloader means that you can flash a bundle file equivalent to Superuser.apk and the su binary. The major level to notice right here is to flash a restoration earlier than flashing a Superuser. When the telephone is rebooted, you may have a root in your telephone. Hence, the HRC S-OFF doesn’t create any root in your telephone however means that you can flash packages by which you’ll be able to have one.

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Benefits of Turning S-OFF

The advantages of turning S-OFF on HTC are listed under.

  • Access and overwrite the partition drives on the HTC telephone– By turning the S-OFF in your HTC telephone, you may entry the NAND portion of the machine. This signifies that you’ll get entry to unlock the partitions on the machine and you’ll alter them. The partition dives on the telephone can’t be altered by default. By turning the S-OFF flag, you may overwrite the code on the partition drives whereas the OS of the machine is booted.
  • No want for the signature checks for firmware photographs– All the firmware zips should be digitally signed by the HTC to be flashed by means of the bootloader. Turning S-OFF in your HTC android telephone means that you can bypass the safety verify required for importing customized firmware photographs, unsigned boot, splash and HBOOT photographs, and restoration. The S-OFF flag would will let you flash unsigned firmware zips that include separate photographs of the partitions. In different phrases, it lets you have the utmost customization of your Android telephone.

Use HTCdev to Unlock Bootloader

Unlock bootloader HTCdev website. What is HTC S-OFF

HTCdev doesn’t set the bootloader to S-OFF nevertheless it unlocks the partitions in your telephone. This would will let you flash a customized restoration after which flash a customized ROM in your telephone, for which you aren’t wanted to maintain HTC S-OFF. Below is the listed data:

  • You must register on the web site and by logging in, you may unlock the bootloader in your HTC telephone.
  • This technique is formally launched by the HTC and it offers you restricted unlocking to the partitions just like the boot, system, and restoration, in your telephone.
  • The restricted unlocking technique is needed for safety causes and it prevents you from flashing any random firmware zip to your partitions. This, nonetheless, doesn’t allow you to unlock your SIM card.
  • The unlocking adjustments the software program of your telephone and should give rise to some surprising issues. This may change the values of Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) or Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) or could lead to overheating of the telephone.
  • In addition to those, a few of the content material you may need bought by means of third-party distributors or HTC could also be invalidated or be inaccessible because of DRM safety keys.
  • You could not have the ability to use the replace of the telephone by means of Firmware over the Air or FOTA. If there are some irreversible adjustments made in your telephone, it won’t come underneath the guarantee offered to you by the HTC.

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Preliminary Steps to Follow Before Turning S-OFF

The preliminary steps to be adopted earlier than turning S-OFF in your HTC telephone are listed under. Make positive to observe these steps after which try turning S-OFF your telephone.

1. After unlocking the bootloader in your HTC telephone, uninstall the HTCdev device in your HTC telephone.

2. Go to Settings, then to Security, after which deactivate all safety settings in your telephone.

3. Go to Settings, then to Power/ Battery Manager, and deactivate the Fast Boot mode in your telephone.

4. Use USB2.0 as an alternative of USB3.0 for plugging to attain compatibility between your HTC telephone and PC.

5. Download an S-OFF device like Firewater and set up it in your PC.

6. Install minimal ADB in your PC.

donwload minimal adb from android data host website

7. Charge your telephone at the least as much as 60% of battery to keep away from lack of energy.

8. Back up all essential media content material or messages in your telephone because the telephone could get utterly reset.

9. Install HTC Drivers to allow you to join your telephone with the PC.

download htc drivers from androidmtk website

10. Go to Settings, then to Developer Options, after which to Enable USB Debugging to allow the USB Debugging mode.

11. Disable anti-virus and firewall packages in your PC.

Hence, these are the preliminary steps earlier than turning HTC S-OFF.

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How to Use HTCdev device to Unlock Bootloader

The process to make use of the HTCdev device to unlock the bootloader in your telephone is defined under. Connect your telephone to your PC utilizing a dependable cable connection at first of the method.

1. Long press the Power button in your telephone and switch off your telephone.

2. Press the Power and Volume down buttons for 30 seconds to log in to your telephone in HBOOT mode.

3. Go to the Fastboot choice by utilizing the Volume buttons and choose it utilizing the Power button.

4. Launch Windows Explorer and navigate to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder in Local Disk (C:).

5. In the folder location handle bar, sort cmd and press the Enter key.

type cmd in address bar in Minimal adb folder

6. Type within the command fastboot gadgets and press the Enter key to detect your telephone on the PC.

fastboot devices command in cmd or command prompt. What is HTC S-OFF

7. Launch Command Prompt in your PC, sort within the command fastboot oem get_identifier_token, and press the Enter key.

fastboot oem get identifier token command in cmd or command prompt

8. Wait for a protracted token code block and click on on the Submit button on the HTCdev web site.

9. You ought to get a mail from HTCdev with a file named bin hooked up to it. Download the file and transfer it to the Fastboot folder on Windows Explorer.

10. Launch Command Prompt, sort within the command fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin, and hit the Enter key.

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock code.bin command in cmd or command prompt

11. Confirm the set up request in your HTC telephone utilizing the energy button, and look ahead to the telephone to restart.

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How to Turn Off Security Protocol or S-OFF on HTC

Steps for S-OFF on HTC are defined under on this part.

1. Copy the Firewater file to the Minimal ADB folder in your PC.

2. In the folder location handle bar, sort cmd and press the Enter key.

type cmd in address bar in Minimal adb folder. What is HTC S-OFF

3. Type within the adb gadgets command and press the Enter key.

adb devices command in command prompt

4. Then, sort within the following instructions and hit the Enter key after every command.

adb reboot [Important]
adb wait-for-device push firewater /information/native/tmp
adb shell
chmod 755/information/native/tmp/firewater

adb wait for device push firewate command in cmd or command prompt. What is HTC S-OFF

5. Allow permission in your telephone if prompted, and you need to see the standing on Bootloader as S-OFF.


The article is primarily based on the phrases HTC S-OFF and HTC bootloader. If you have been trying to find solutions to those phrases and have been perplexed within the course of, this text may need cleared your doubts. Please be at liberty to offer your precious recommendations and lift your queries within the feedback part under.