(Solved) – How to Fix Xbox One Turns on and Then Off?


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Without any doubt, for a decade, Xbox One has been one of the liked and admired consoles. The gaming expertise with excessive-finish graphics that you simply take pleasure in on Xbox One is unmatchable and incomparable. The console comes with not solely exceptionally good graphics but in addition excessive performance. Rarely, it presents with bugs or minor glitches, that are principally just about fixable.

Understandably, you’d by no means admire a situation the place you get solely weekends to play your favourite video games on Xbox One, which seems to be malfunctioning. Indeed, it might irritate you! One of the most typical points avid gamers provide you with Xbox One, is the random turning off of the console once they have simply turned it on. The different instances, it retains turning on and off itself.

This article discusses why your Xbox One turns on then off itself and what measures you may take to do away with the annoying subject and proceed having one of the best gaming expertise. So, let’s get began!

Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off?

The total subject revolves round that your Xbox One retains turning off randomly when you haven’t made a single try to accomplish that! How disagreeable such a situation can be that you simply arrange every part to have a enjoyable time on your Xbox, and it decides to disappoint you! Well, as talked about earlier, it’s not solely your Xbox One console that retains turning off randomly; the problem is kind of frequent.

When such issues are frequent, there are normally many options for them. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to fear about it. However, earlier than shifting onto the fixes, let’s have a light-weight on why your Xbox One turns on and off itself with none enter directions;

1. Exhausted Console

Sometimes, when you have been enjoying video games on your Xbox One for a very long time, let’s say you may have been on your console for steady 7-8 hours, it in all probability heats up! An exhausted console will act in accordance to its power. Therefore, you would possibly get turned off itself and won’t flip on even once you attempt to accomplish that!

If that’s the case, you may look forward to some time and let your console relaxation. You can attempt turning it on after a number of hours when it has cooled down. Most in all probability, it would flip on!

2. Flawed Power Supply

There is nothing fallacious together with your console at instances, however the principle energy provide unit seems defective. You should know that your Xbox One wants to have a selected energy to flip itself on. If the principle unit doesn’t present the mandatory energy, your Xbox will maintain refusing to flip on it doesn’t matter what you do.

3. Did You Get The Motherboard Wet?

Well, a careless angle in direction of your console could value you numerous. If you see your Xbox One getting turned off or on itself, please attempt to bear in mind when you have ever spilled any liquid on it. If sure, likely, the motherboard of your console is problematic, which ends up in the related subject.

How to Fix Xbox One Turns on Then off Instantly?

The measures which you can take to get rid of the irritating subject of your Xbox One console rely on whether or not the console turns off instantly once you flip it on or it takes a while earlier than it turns off. If your console’s scenario suits with the latter case fairly nicely, then you may attempt the options given under;

1. Perform a Factory Reset

If your Xbox One turns off after some time, you may carry out a manufacturing unit reset on it and see if the problem vanishes for you. Factory reset normally resolves many disturbing glitches with out you having to lose your video games and their information.

You can comply with the steps given under for manufacturing unit reset;

  • First of all, whereas your console works advantageous after getting turned on, navigate to the menu and settings.
  • Select ‘system’ and then transfer to ‘console info.’
  • You will come throughout the ‘reset console’ possibility, choose it, and then click on on ‘reset and keep my games and apps.’

2. Shift Your Console To ‘Instant-On’ Mode

For a lot of you, shifting your console to ‘immediate-on mode will work. It is a matter of fixing the ability settings of your console, which can in all probability repair the problem.

You have to navigate to the ‘settings’ and then transfer to ‘general.’ Next, you may have to click on on ‘power mode and start-up,’ and then select the ‘immediate-on mode.

By shifting your Xbox One to this mode, it would flip on with none delay, and you may even use voice instructions to flip it on.

However, for the remainder of the circumstances when your Xbox One console retains turning off instantly proper once you flip it on, you may attempt the next fixes;

3. Try Changing The Main Power Outlet

As talked about earlier, the issue typically lies inside the energy outlet that doesn’t provide enough energy output to your console. You can attempt altering the ability outlet and then flip on your console. If your Xbox One doesn’t flip off after you may have modified the ability outlet, it ensures that there’s nothing fallacious together with your console.

4. Try Removing The External Hard Drives

Many instances, avid gamers set up an exterior exhausting drive of their Xbox One to overcome the storage points. However, these exterior exhausting drives could trigger completely different points. You can attempt unplugging the exterior exhausting drive and then turning on your console. If the console turns on and doesn’t flip off randomly, you’re good to go!

However, for you, it won’t work! If that’s the case, you don’t have to fear about it! There are many different fixes which you can attempt!

5. Try Pressing The Power Button Multiple Times

It would possibly sound infantile and impatient, however typically, once you repeatedly press the ability button for a couple of minutes, you could hear a sound coming from the console. At this level, once you press the ability button yet another button, the possibilities are that your Xbox One will flip on usually and won’t flip off randomly!

6. Shift The Console In Standby Mode, Then Turn It On

If your Xbox One retains turning off proper after turning it on, you can too attempt urgent the ability button for straight 10 seconds. By doing so, you shift the console in standby mode. You may also take into account it a refreshing or resetting technique in your console. After some time, you may attempt turning on your console and see if the issue persists.

7. Unplug The USB Devices

If you may have just lately carried out software program updates on your console, the possibilities are that it would end in numerous issues, one among them being the console turning off randomly. You can attempt eradicating all of the USBs out of your Xbox One and then attempt turning on the console. In most circumstances, the problem resolves!

8. Try Pressing The Eject Button Multiple Times

It is one other easy and fast technique to do away with the Xbox One turning off the issue. You can maintain urgent the eject button 8 to 10 instances and see if the problem resolves.

In Conclusion

Undoubtedly, both of the circumstances the place your Xbox One turns on mechanically or turns off immediately is fairly annoying. However, the latter causes extra disturbance and frustration. Since the problem is kind of frequent, you may attempt to proceed having one of the best gaming expertise on your Xbox One console.

In this text, we’ve got tried our greatest to temporary you on the causes of Xbox One turning on and off randomly and what you are able to do to repair it! Hopefully, it would show useful!