(Solved) – How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift?


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Though recently, PS5 can be current within the gaming world at present, none can boring the allure and love for PS4 consoles within the hearts of enthusiastic players. Ever because the introduction of the PS4 within the gaming world, folks have at all times prioritized the console over others. PS4 and its twin shock controllers give you the perfect gaming expertise, however the performance of each the console and controller is phenomenal.

Many players get so concerned in gaming that they neglect caring for their consoles and controllers. A variety of PS4 customers give you a typical grievance in regards to the PS4 controller’s drifting. There are many the reason why it occurs, although primarily, the tough use of the controller leads to drifting. If you may have arrived at this text whereas trying to find measures to eradicate the identical drawback, you might be spot on. Rest assured!

This article briefs you on the PS4 controller’s drifting, its causes, and how one can eliminate the irritating concern. So, with none additional delay, let’s get began!

What Causes PS4 Controller Drift?

Before we transfer on to the causes of PS4 controller drift, you could exactly perceive what controller/analog stick drift is. You will need to have usually seen throughout your gameplay {that a} character begins shifting in circles or working abruptly whereas you don’t even contact your controller.

The different instances, you might need seen that the PS4 controller isn’t in your hand, but the digicam retains shifting if you are in-recreation. Moreover, generally, you might need focused a selected character/object in your recreation, and all of a sudden your goal shifts whereas you haven’t achieved something utilizing the controller. All of the talked about actions abruptly with out your enter, owing to controller drift.

PS4 controller drift is certainly irritating and annoying. Therefore you could know its causes and their fixtures;

Worn and Torn Controller

If you’re a common PS4 person, you’ll be able to count on the same old put on and tear modifications occurring in your PS4 console and its controller due to each day use. Mostly, you retain on utilizing the controller with out specializing in its well being.

Dirty Analog Stick

As talked about earlier, if you happen to use your controller often, please just remember to preserve it clear. Else, as time passes by, grime and dirt accumulate and hassle the analog sticks. A unclean analog stick is a big motive why your PS4 controller drifts.

Damaged Controller

At instances, you won’t know, however some inner a part of your PS4 controller will get broken, however it retains functioning till at some point while you begin experiencing controller drifting points. In addition, there’s a potentiometer within the PS4 controller, and if it will get broken, it’ll additionally lead to controller drift.

How to Fix Drift on PS4 Controller?

There is just one phrase that may describe PS4 controller drift, which is ‘irritating.’ We consider you wouldn’t need to keep in a scenario the place your PS4 controller retains drifting and prices you vital gameplays. Here are a couple of easy and fast fixes for you to cease your PS4 controller from drifting;

Perform a Deep Cleaning On Your PS4 Controller

Cleaning your PS4 and its controller will repair many points for you other than the controller’s drift. You should clear your controller at times to be certain that it stays appropriately useful for a very long time. Let’s take a look at how one can clear your PS4 controller at house;

  • Please just remember to have turned off your console earlier than shifting on to cleansing up the controller.
  • Next, you’ll be able to take an everyday blow-dryer and just remember to change it to chilly settings not to blow out scorching air, which might be dangerous to the controller.
  • Turn on the blow-dryer and rotate the analog stick in a round movement to take away all of the mud particles.
  • In addition, you need to use any tiny pointed object and transfer it across the joystick to eliminate the minute mud particles.

A variety of skilled folks additionally carry out a deep cleansing of their PS4 controllers. However, if you’re not superb at dealing with digital objects, you could let this technique go! The deep clear technique of the PS4 controller requires opening up all the PS4 controller, and if you’re not good at it; you may injury one thing.

Perform Reset on Your PS4 Controller

As talked about earlier, cleansing up your PS4 controller on and off will certainly aid you eliminate many console and controller points. Similarly, more often than not, when nothing else works to resolve your PS4 controller drift points, performing a reset on the controller is the one dependable choice that may prevent.

Let’s have a fast overview on how to carry out a reset on the PS4 controller;

  • Start with turning in your PS4, navigate to ‘Settings’ utilizing one other useful controller.
  • Next, click on on ‘Devices,’ after which open the ‘Bluetooth devices.’
  • Move on to in search of the inactive controller. To differentiate between the lively and inactive controller, you could do not forget that the lively controller at all times has a inexperienced dot.
  • Once you may have chosen the inactive controller, please press the ‘options’ button in your PS4 controller.
  • You will see completely different choices in your display screen, the place you may have to choose ‘forget device.’
  • Next, please flip off the PS4 as traditional and join the non-useful controller to the console utilizing a USB cable.
  • Finally, please activate the console again and press and maintain the PS button on the controller. Perform the log-in and verify if the drifting concern has been resolved.

Replacement of Analog Sticks on PS4 Controller

Failure of the PS4 controller’s cleansing and resetting strategies leaves you with both changing the analog sticks or contacting Sony. Undoubtedly, each are hectic. Replacing analog sticks will value you a large number since you’ll have to purchase analog sticks and the sensor of sticks by your self. In addition, the method additionally requires a soldering iron.

Overall, the method is time-consuming, hectic and in addition terminates the guarantee of your PS4 controller. If you open up your PS4 controller and change the analog sticks, please do not forget that you will be unable to declare the guarantee!

Contact Sony for Repairing Of Your PS4 Controller

If your PS4 controller has its guarantee interval remaining, and you’ve got been encountering the controller drift concern, then the most suitable choice for you is to contact Sony. They will certainly entertain your case. Either you’re going to get your PS4 controller repaired, or they’ll concern you a brand new one.


Undoubtedly, it’s a just about disagreeable state of affairs the place you lose win-win gameplay owing to the errors made by your drifting PS4 controller. Please don’t get upset over a petty concern! PS4 controller drifting issues are fairly widespread and, due to this fact, completely fixable.

In this text, we’ve got tried our greatest to give you easy fixes so that you just shouldn’t have to face the PS4 controller drift concern any longer. Hopefully, it’ll show useful!