Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

Your Chromebook is powered on however the screen is entirely black. This might be because of battery or charging-related issues, {hardware} problems, or issues with Chrome OS.

We’ve compiled a handful of troubleshooting fixes to attempt in case your Chromebook’s display screen goes black throughout utilization or after startup.

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

1. Increase Screen Brightness

Your Chromebook’s screen could also be black since you set the display screen brightness degree to the bottom accidentally. If your Chromebook is powered on however the display screen stays black, hold urgent the Screen brightness up button till the show comes on.

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

Reboot your Chromebook if the display screen stays black regardless of growing the brightness.

2. Hard Reboot Your Chromebook

A tough reboot will refresh your Chromebook’s operating system and repair non permanent system glitches inflicting the black display screen concern.

Press and maintain the Power button for 6-10 seconds till the show and keyboard mild goes off.

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

Depending in your Chromebook’s mannequin, you’ll discover the facility button on the facet of the Chromebook or someplace above the keyboard. Wait for a minute or two and press the Power button once more to restart your Chromebook.

3. Leave Your Chromebook to Cool

An overheated Chromebook could exhibit startup issues. Using your gadget for an prolonged interval or in a sizzling surroundings may cause it to overheat. If the bottom of your Chromebook feels remotely sizzling, go away it to chill for about 20-Half-hour earlier than powering it on.

If your Chromebook ultimately boots previous the clean display screen, confer with our tutorial on stopping a pc from overheating–so this drawback doesn’t reoccur.

4. Disconnect External USB Devices

Problems with exterior units linked to your Chromebook can have an effect on its startup course of and set off different efficiency malfunctions. If, as an illustration, there’s a corrupt SD card plugged to your Chromebook, the display screen could go clean–particularly in case your Chromebook is in Developer Mode.

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

Unplug/disconnect all exterior units or equipment (mouse, USB sticks, keyboard, SD card, and so forth.) and shut down your Chromebook. Wait for 1-2 minutes and energy it again on.

5. Let the Battery Run Out

Draining out your Chromebook’s battery can even repair this concern. Leave the gadget powered on (on the black display screen) till it runs out of battery juice. Afterward, cost the Chromebook for no less than Half-hour and test if it now boots previous the black display screen.

6. Charge Your Chromebook Correctly

Your Chromebook could get caught on a black display screen if its battery is lifeless, or too low besides ChromeOS. Plug your Chromebook’s AC adapter right into a wall outlet and make sure the different finish can also be plugged appropriately to your Chromebook’s charging port.

One other thing: affirm that the facility outlet/socket is powered on. If your Chromebook has a charging indicator mild, be sure it lights up once you plug the charger. Charge the Chromebook for no less than Half-hour and energy it on.

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

Make positive you’re utilizing the charger that shipped along with your Chromebook out-of-the-box. Counterfeit or faux charging equipment could not cost your Chromebook. Even worse, they might injury your Chromebook’s battery, charging port, and different {hardware} elements.

Check your gadget’s consumer information/handbook or go to the producer’s web site for charging directions and necessities.

7. Try a Different Charger

Your Chromebook’s battery could fail to carry a cost in the event you’re utilizing a damaged or unhealthy charger. To affirm whether or not or not your charging equipment are working appropriately, attempt charging your Chromebook with a unique charger.

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

But first, be sure the charger is suitable along with your gadget. Check its energy and voltage rankings, and guarantee they match the producer’s charging specs. As talked about earlier, utilizing counterfeit, substandard, and incompatible charging equipment can injury your Chromebook.

If the charger(s) works on different units however fails to cost yours, there’s possible an issue along with your Chromebook’s charging port, onerous disk, or motherboard. In that case, performing a {hardware} reset might assist.

8. Reset Your Chromebook’s Hardware

Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try

Problems along with your Chromebook’s {hardware} may cause the gadget to get caught on a “black screen of death.” Thankfully, Google gives a approach to refresh {hardware} elements that freeze or malfunction. The course of is named a “Hard Reset.”

Note: When troubleshooting Chromebook points, Google recommends a {hardware} reset because the final resort. That’s as a result of the method would possibly delete some recordsdata in your Chromebook’s “Download” folder.

  1. Power off your Chromebook and anticipate a minute for it to close down fully.
  2. Press and maintain the Refresh key and faucet the Power button.
Is Your Chromebook Screen Black? 8 Fixes To Try
  1. Keep holding the Refresh button till Chrome OS begins up. Release the Refresh button when your Chromebook’s display screen or keyboard lights up.

If your Chromebook is a pill or 2-in-1 gadget with a removable keyboard, press and maintain the Volume Up and Power buttons concurrently for no less than 10 seconds.

There are different methods to onerous reset a Chromebook’s {hardware}, which usually varies primarily based on the model of your gadget. Some Chromebooks have a particular (reset) button you may press to reset your gadget’s {hardware}. On some units, you’ll must insert a paperclip in a devoted reset gap and press the Power button afterward.


Some Chromebooks with detachable batteries could be reset by eradicating and re-inserting the battery. To reset a non-battery-powered Chromebook, unplug and reconnect its energy cable, then activate the gadget.

Check out this Chromebook Help Center tutorial for extra device-specific steps on resetting a Chromebook’s {hardware}.

Bring Your Chromebook’s Screen Back to Life

Your Chromebook’s display screen is perhaps broken if none of those troubleshooting tips resolve the issue. To ensure, join your Chromebook to an exterior monitor. If you’re capable of entry Chrome OS on the exterior monitor however your Chromebook’s built-in display screen stays black, go to a close-by pc restore retailer to have the display screen checked for {hardware} injury.

A damaged onerous drive is also the foundation explanation for the black display screen concern. You could have to switch your Chromebook’s onerous drive if it comes on however fails to load Chrome OS. Before you do this, nevertheless, attempt resetting your Chromebook utilizing a restoration drive (this may erase your apps and settings). Contact your gadget producer for extra assist and troubleshooting choices. Your Chromebook could also be repaired without spending a dime if it’s nonetheless underneath guarantee, or if the black display screen concern is because of a manufacturing facility/manufacturing defect.