How to Wrap Text Around a Table in Word

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Tables are an efficient approach to add data to your Word paperwork. Learn how to wrap textual content round a desk in Word with this information.

When you’re writing a Word doc, you might have considered trying to embody a desk or two to illustrate your factors.

Creating and customizing tables in Word is straightforward to do. If you need your desk to seem as a part of the textual content fairly than outdoors it, you then’re going to want to understand how to wrap textual content round a desk in Word.

If you need to wrap textual content round a desk in Word, comply with these steps.

How to Wrap Text Around a Table in Word

By default, tables in Word are positioned on their very own line.

To wrap textual content round a desk in Word:

  1. Click wherever in the desk that you really want to wrap textual content round.
  2. Right-click after which click on on Table Properties.
    word table properties
  3. Under Text Wrapping, click on on Around.
    wrap around in word
  4. Click on OK. Your textual content will now wrap round your desk.
    text wrapped around a table in word

How to Resize Your Table in Word

Now that your textual content is wrapped round your desk, you possibly can reposition the desk the place you need it. Before you are able to do so, nonetheless, you’ll want to make certain that it’s the proper dimension.

To resize a desk in Word:

  1. Click someplace inside the desk.
  2. Right-click and select Table Properties from the menu.
    word table properties
  3. Click on the Preferred Width checkbox.
    set preferred width in word
  4. Set the width that you really want. This might be in inches or as a share of the width of your web page from margin to margin.
    set table width in word
  5. Click OK and your desk will resize.
    resized table in word

How to Reposition a Table in Word

Now that your desk is the dimensions that you really want, all that’s left is to transfer it to the required place. There are two methods to do that. The first is to drag the desk into place.

To place your desk in Word by dragging it:

  1. Click wherever in your desk.
  2. Click and maintain onto the positioning device to the facet of your desk.
    word table positioning
  3. Drag your desk to its required location and let go.
  4. Your desk will stay in its new place.

Positioning Your Table in Word Using the Table Positioning Options

The above methodology received’t at all times go away the desk precisely the place you need it. It could also be affected by line breaks, or be incorrectly aligned. You can transfer your desk extra precisely through the use of the Table Positioning choices.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on any a part of your desk.
  2. Right-click and choose Table Properties.
    word table properties
  3. To align your desk, click on on one of many alignment choices.
    table alignment in word
  4. Click on Positioning. Note that this button solely seems when textual content wrapping is about to Around.
    table positioning in word
  5. You can set the horizontal place by selecting the alignment relative to the margin, column, or web page.
    horizontal table positioning in word
  6. It’s doable to set the vertical place as a distance relative to the margin, paragraph, or web page.
    vertical table positioning in word
  7. You can enhance the house round your desk by altering the Distance From Surrounding Text values.
    distance from text in word
  8. Finally, you possibly can determine in case your desk will transfer while you transfer the encircling textual content, and whether or not tables are allowed to overlap one another.
    move with text in word
  9. Once you might be pleased along with your settings, click on OK and your desk will transfer to its new place.

Using Tables in Word

Knowing how to wrap textual content round a desk in Word might help you to create a doc that appears precisely as you imagined it. Tables aren’t only for spreadsheets; they are often a helpful approach to impart data in a Word doc too.

Working with tables in Word is pretty easy as soon as you already know what you’re doing. Once you’ve created your tables, you’ll want to understand how to add rows and columns to your desk.

If you need to mix tables, then it’s additionally helpful to understand how to break up and merge tables in Word. You may even break up and merge desk cells in Word to create tables with different-sized cells.