How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Reddit is among the hottest social media dialogue web sites. However, an issue with the platform is that if a Reddit person, admin, or moderator deletes a submit or remark, it’s gone. This can imply shedding key info, an incredible recipe, or a hilarious meme.

Luckily, it’s generally potential to retrieve and look at deleted Reddit posts. Here’s how. 

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Note: As Reddit frequently updates its platform, and since these third-party functions work with out Reddit’s permission, they usually cease working.

Reveddit is probably going probably the most highly effective software for viewing and monitoring deleted content material on Reddit. However, it doesn’t present user-deleted content material (it solely shows moderator-deleted or bot-deleted content material). 

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Reveddit can even notify you when your posts or feedback are deleted, that means it is possible for you to to contact the mods and uncover why they deleted them. This is particularly useful when you’ve been shadowbanned and don’t understand it. 

To use Reveddit:

  1. Launch the Reveddit web site. 
  2. Type any subreddit, submit title, or a Redditor’s username within the search bar and hit go.
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts
  1. Reveddit will show an inventory of posts which have been deleted, permitting you to navigate the deleted posts very like navigating Reddit usually. 
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Unddit is a third-party software developed to substitute Removeddit and Ceddit after they stopped working.

Unddit makes use of, a database that robotically shops feedback made on Reddit. It compares the Pushshift database to Reddit’s API to see deleted Reddit feedback, then lists them for you to see. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work on posts, and when the database lags, many deleted feedback gained’t be seen. 

To use Unddit:

  1. Open the Unddit web site.
  2. At the highest of the web page, save the Unddit hyperlink as a bookmark. 
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts
  1. Navigate to a specific submit or Reddit thread the place you’d like to see the deleted feedback. Click the bookmarklet. 
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts
  1. Unddit will now load an inventory of all eliminated Reddit feedback from that submit. 
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Resavr is much less highly effective than the opposite instruments on this listing however permits you to view deleted feedback on Reddit, together with these over 650 phrases. 

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Resavr is simple; you simply have to head to the Resavr internet web page and seek for a deleted remark. The homepage additionally exhibits an inventory of all current feedback which have been deleted.

Unfortunately, whilst you can see the deleted feedback, you can’t learn any deleted Reddit posts with Resavr.

Wayback Machine is a non-profit web site that goals to retailer archived variations of internet sites as snapshots of the previous. Because of this, it’s potential to entry cached internet pages from historic time factors.

To use Wayback Machine to view deleted feedback:

  1. Open the Wayback Machine webpage.
  2. In the search bar, copy and paste the submit URL you need to view.
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts
  1. The web site will show a calendar interface with blue circles indicating when the Wayback Machine crawled the web page. On the unique submit, observe when somebody deleted the remark (say, 13 days in the past). Then on Wayback Machine, discover and hover over that date and choose a time level.
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts
  1. Wayback Machine will now show a historic model of the precise submit with the deleted feedback seen.
How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

Because of how Wayback Machine works, you’ll give you the option to learn deleted Reddit feedback, posts, and even earlier edits.

List of Tools That No Longer Work

Over the years, a number of apps have been developed that allow you to see deleted Reddit posts and feedback. However, many of those cease working over time because the Reddit platform is up to date or the software program turns into out of date. Some of those out of date instruments embody:

  • Un-delete Reddit Comments: A Chrome extension that was in a position to retailer a cached model of a Reddit submit domestically through the extension button.
  • One of the primary web sites for retrieving deleted Reddit content material.
  • An alternate “parody” Reddit web site that you might navigate like the unique web site to view deleted content material.

Travel Back in Time

Reddit is infamous for having overzealous moderators who love to delete posts and feedback. Unfortunately, many of those posts are helpful (or a minimum of humorous), and you might have forgotten to save them whereas they have been alive. Luckily, it’s normally potential to view deleted Reddit content material once more with these instruments.