How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink?

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Have you changed an ink cartridge from the Epson printer with a brand new one? Has your Epson printer stopped working after altering an ink cartridge? Epson printers are among the finest printers identified for printing high-quality images {and professional} paperwork. However, most customers face the ‘Epson printer not recognizing new ink cartridge’ challenge.

There are a number of causes behind the ‘Epson printer not printing after changing ink’ challenge. Mostly there are issues with the Epson printer cartridges. In basic, the Epson printer doesn’t acknowledge the brand new ink cartridge. That’s why the printer doesn’t print after altering the cartridge.

Keep studying to find out about why the Epson printer doesn’t print and the way to repair the issues with Epson printer cartridges.

Why is my Epson printer not printing appropriately?

The high-performing Epson printer can cease printing after altering the ink due to the next causes;

  • You put in the cartridge whereas the printer was powered off.
  • There’s a low degree of ink.
  • Hardware issues or outdated printer driver.
  • Faulty printer chip.
  • Printer offline points due to the faulty energy wire or web points.
  • Improper lever place.
  • The cartridge may be incompatible.
  • No paper within the enter tray.

First, attempt to discover why the Epson printer doesn’t print after altering the ink. Don’t all the time suspect the cartridge. Even although there’s a excessive likelihood of issues with Epson printer cartridges, there may also be offline printer points.

Check whether or not the printer is on-line and if the printer and pc are linked to the identical Wi-Fi. Only then suspect the cartridges.

How to repair the Epson printer not printing after altering ink?

There may be issues with Epson printer cartridges, or there may be offline printer points.

Epson printer cartridge issues

Below are some beneficial methods which might remedy your issues with Epson printer cartridges;

Fix 1: Remove the taping

Most Epson ink cartridges have a small protecting band that continues to be affixed on the cartridge’s spouts. The affixed protecting tape/band stops the ink discharged from the cartridge’s nozzle. In easy phrases, the taping protects the ink from leaking when saved. Therefore, one ought to take away the small protecting taping after putting in the cartridge to print easily. Or else no ink will circulate, and the Epson printer gained’t print after altering the ink cartridge.

Fix 2: Bypass the built-in verify system

Sometimes the Epson printer fails to acknowledge the brand new cartridge. The printer’s system reads the ink degree as empty.

You can bypass this built-in checking system by following the below-given steps that can reset the cartridge shortly;

  1. Open or increase the printer’s prime cowl and maintain the ‘Ink button’.
  2. Now you may let the Ink Cartridge holder transfer in direction of the correct cartridge entry place.
  3. You want to open the cartridge’s lid that’s ‘out‘ of ink and decrease the lid once more with out taking out the cartridge.
  4. Lastly, shut the printer cowl to begin printing.

Remember that this reset course of can fluctuate between completely different Epson printer fashions. Therefore, it is best to refer to the printer’s consumer guide for extra correct steps.

Fix 3: Perform a cleansing cycle

The ink contained in the cartridge dries up if the ink cartridge is saved for a sure interval. So, carry out an prolonged cleansing cycle to resolve this downside and begin printing.

  • Locate the ‘Cleaning‘ button in your Epson printer and long-press it for 5 seconds. And you’re carried out!

You may also use the guide to study extra in regards to the prolonged cleansing cycle. Once you’re carried out with the cleansing cycle, do a take a look at print to verify if printing is again to regular.

Fix 4: Cartridge refilling issues

Although it’s a great and economical concept to refill your ink cartridges as an alternative of shopping for new cartridges. However, for those who don’t refill the cartridge appropriately, it would lead to printing issues.

  • Always make certain to refill the ink in such a means that the ink reaches the underside of the tank. If the ink doesn’t attain the underside of the tank, you may inject extra ink into the sponge by the exit gap.
  • Air bubbles can kind in the course of the refilling course of and block the ink circulate. In such a case, take out the problematic cartridge and go away it for an hour unused. This will permit the air bubble to disappear. In addition, you may faucet the ink cartridge gently to take away the bubbles.

Epson printer inflicting the printing error

Fix 5: Update the Driver

The outdated printer drivers could cause technical points. So, obtain the newest model to repair the ‘Epson printer not printing after changing ink’ challenge.

Fix 6: Clean the printer heads

The soiled printer heads may also trigger printing issues. Clean your printer heads by following the below-given steps;

  1. Open the Control Panel in your pc and click on on the ‘Hardware and Sound’
  2. Next, click on on the ‘Devices and Printers’
  3. Now right-click on the Epson printer to select Printing preferences.
  4. Lastly, click on on the ‘Head Cleaning’ choice and look ahead to a couple of minutes till the printer head cleansing course of completes.

Now you may print easily even after altering the ink cartridge.

Fix 7: Reset the printer

Resolve the ‘Epson printer not printing after changing ink’ challenge by resetting your printer.

If you will have tried the above-given options but you’re dealing with a printing error, you may troubleshoot this downside with extra assist from the customer support team of the Epson printer

Frequently Asked Question

Why is my Epson printer not printing when the ink tank is full?

The cartridge could be previous, and the printer doesn’t acknowledge it. In addition, clogged nozzles may also trigger printing issues.


By now, you understand why the Epson printer gained’t print after altering the ink cartridge. You can shortly resolve the problem by cleansing the printer heads, resetting the printing, or bypassing the built-in checking system.