how to delete your vine? – 2022


  1. If you need to delete your Vine account, observe these steps: 1.
  2. Log in to your account 2.
  3. Click on the “Settings” button 3.
  4. Scroll down and click on on the “Delete Vine Account” button 4.
  5. Type in your desired deletion e mail tackle and click on on the “Delete” button 5.
  6. The Vine account can be deleted and also you will be unable to entry it anymore.

How to delete your Vine account

How to delete Vine movies

Does Vine delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Vine deletes inactive accounts.

Does Vine nonetheless exist?

Vine doesn’t nonetheless exist. The firm was purchased by YouTube in 2011.

How do I discover my previous Vine profiles?

There are a couple of methods to discover your previous Vine profiles. You can seek for them on the Vine app, or on the web site the place you registered your account. You may discover them within the archives of the corporate.

When did they delete Vine?

Vine was deleted on December 21, 2013.

Can I delete my Vine account?

No, Vine is a social media platform and never a deletion service.

Why did they cancel Vine?

No, Vine is a social media platform and never a deletion service.

Is there a Vine archive?

There isn’t any Vine archive, however there are a lot of different social media platforms which can be comparable to Vine.

Will Vine ever come again?

There is little doubt that Vine has had a huge effect on music and movie, however it’s troublesome to predict how their absence will have an effect on the trade.

How is TikTok completely different from Vine?

TikTok is a social media app that enables customers to make and share quick movies. Vine is a video sharing website that was created in 2006.

WHEN DID Vine 2 come out?

Are Vines copyrighted?

What 12 months did Vine come out?

Vine got here out in 2009.

Are Vines copyrighted?

Yes, vines are copyrighted. The Copyright Office states that “vegetable crops and flowers are typically handled as literary works.

How many customers did Vine have?

Vine had over 100 million customers as of September 2016.

What changed Vine?

The hottest Vine substitute is YouTube.

What was the primary Vine?

The first Vine was a YouTube video created by Justin Bieber.