How to Damage or Corrupt a Video File


There are a number of methods to corrupt a file in order that its contents can’t be opened or learn. In the case of PDF paperwork, for instance, it’s sufficient to open them in a notepad and enter a couple of strains in order that it’s fully broken. In the case of pictures, you may as well use a software like Miroware Corrupt in order that the file is internally and structurally corrupted.

When it comes to movies, the method may be very comparable. You will use a corruption software to render the video file unusable.

How to corrupt a video (MP4, AVI, MKV…) in order that it can’t be performed

If you may have a video that you simply want to destroy for no matter cause, however you don’t need to delete it from the system, you should utilize this straightforward methodology.

  • Go to
  • In the “ Select the file to corrupt ” part, click on on the “ From your computer ” possibility to choose the video you need to corrupt from the native arduous drive of your pc. The software additionally permits you to select any file saved within the Dropbox or Google Drive cloud.
  • After loading the video, click on on “ Corrupt File.”corrupt a video file
  • After a few seconds, the software will full the file corruption course of. Click on “ Download your corrupted file ” to obtain the corrupted video. Note: the appliance can even provide the possibility to save the file in Drive, Dropbox or obtain it utilizing a QR code.

After downloading the video, you’ll discover that in case you attempt to open it, the participant can not learn it and shows an error message.damage a video file

Other strategies to corrupt a video file irreversibly

If you don’t have an web connection or desire to corrupt a video file “by hand” your self, you may as well use the traditional notepad methodology. It is a trick you’ll be able to apply in lower than a minute, and it’s tremendously efficient.

  • Right-click on the video file you need to corrupt.
  • Select “Open With” and select the Windows “Notepad” software.
  • Inside the notepad, insert random textual content alongside the textual content. At this level, you’ll be able to hit your pc’s keyboard with out a lot thought.
  • Go to “File -> Save” to apply the modifications to the file.

Finally, you solely have to test the integrity of the file. Try to open the video, and you will notice that it has been broken. Objective achieved. In addition, since it’s a guide corruption, it’s extra doubtless that any restore try will likely be way more troublesome to perform (whether it is attainable to get well it, in fact).

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