How to Check Spelling in Google Sheets


Are you spreadsheets filled with embarrassing spelling errors? Learn how to test spelling in Google Sheets in this beneficial information.

Accurate spelling is vital when creating any doc, and it’s simply as true for spreadsheets. Spelling errors in your spreadsheets aren’t nice, however they’re much more embarrassing if it’s a piece spreadsheet that you just’ve shared with colleagues.

The excellent news is that it’s simple to search for and repair any spelling errors in Google Sheets utilizing the built-in Spell Check software.

If you need to test spelling in Google Sheets, comply with these steps.

How to Check Spelling in Google Sheets

Checking your spelling in Google Sheets is pretty easy. All you want to do is choose the cells you need to test after which launch the Spell Check software.

To use Spell Check in Google Sheets:

  1. Highlight the cells that you really want to test. If you need to test your entire sheet, then click on on the realm in the top-left of the all spellings
  2. Click on Tools in the menu bar.
    tools menu in google sheets
  3. Hover over Spelling and Grammar after which click on on Spell Check.
    spell check tool google sheets
  4. The Spell Check software will launch.
    spell check tool

Now the Spell Check software is up and operating, it’s time to find out how to use it.

How to Use the Spell Check in Google Sheets

There are three predominant choices in the Spell Check software. Let’s check out every of them.

Change a Spelling

This choice permits you to change a phrase that’s spelled incorrectly to the recommended spelling.

To change a spelling in Google Sheets:

  1. Launch the Spell Check software as outlined above.
  2. If you might be proud of the recommended spelling correction, click on on Change.
    change spelling google sheets
  3. The subsequent spelling suggestion will seem. You can cease checking by clicking on the in the highest right-hand nook or keep it up correcting every error in flip.close spell check
  4. If you need the software to appropriate all cases of the identical error in one go, click on on the down arrow after which click on Change All.
    change all spellings
  5. If you attain the top of the strategies, you’ve got the choice to test the remainder of the sheet or to test different sheets in the doc.
    search rest of sheet

Ignore a Spelling Change

This choice permits you to skip any recommended spelling corrections in the event you’d relatively preserve the unique spelling.

To ignore a spelling suggestion in Google Sheets:

  1. Open the Spell Check software following the directions above.
  2. Click on Ignore to transfer on to the following spelling.
    ignore spelling google sheets
  3. You can work by the entire spellings this manner, selecting to Change or Ignore every one. If you need to cease checking, click on on the in the highest right-hand nook.close spell check
  4. If you need to ignore all cases of a spelling suggestion, click on on the down arrow after which click on on Ignore All.
    ignore all google sheets

Add to Dictionary

If the Spell Check software is flagging up a appropriately spelled phrase that you just use regularly, you may choose to add it to your private dictionary. This ensures that the phrase isn’t flagged as a spelling error the following time you run a spell test.

Here’s the way it works:

  1. Launch the Spell Check software as described in the part above.
  2. Click on Change or Ignore to work by all of the spelling strategies, till you attain the one you need to add to your dictionary.
  3. Click on Add to Dictionary to add the phrase to your dictionary. Be positive that it’s spelled appropriately, as if it isn’t, the Spell Check software will miss this error any longer.
    add to dictionary google sheets
  4. If you need to see which phrases are at the moment included in your dictionary, click on on the down arrow after which click on on View Personal Dictionary.
    view personal dictionary
  5. You can add any further phrases to your dictionary in this window.
    add to personal dictionary
  6. Click on the in the highest right-hand nook to shut the dictionary.
    close personal dictionary

How to Check Spelling in Google Sheets with a Keyboard Shortcut

If you’re commonly utilizing the Spell Check software in Google Sheets, a keyboard shortcut can pace issues up. By default, there isn’t a keyboard shortcut out there for the Spell Check software, nevertheless it’s a easy job to repair this.

To use a keyboard shortcut to test spelling in Google Sheets:

  1. Click on the Help menu.
    help menu google sheets
  2. Now click on on Keyboard Shortcuts.
    enable shortcuts google sheets
  3. Toggle the Enable Compatible Keyboard Shortcuts swap to the on place.
    keyboard shortcuts google sheets
  4. Click the X in the top-right nook to shut the window.
    close keyboard shortcuts
  5. You can now launch the Spell Check software by urgent F7 on Windows or Fn + F7 on Mac.

Get More Out of Google Sheets

Now you know the way to test spelling in Google Sheets, your spreadsheets will (virtually) all the time be error-free.

If you need your spreadsheets to look actually skilled, then there’s a lot extra you may be taught. Hiding gridlines in Google Sheets is an easy manner to make your completed spreadsheet look clear and uncluttered. Adding in-cell drop downs and validation is one other nice trick to take your spreadsheets to the following stage.

If you need to actually impress your boss,  you may even find out how to create a Gantt chart in Google Sheets.