How to Check if Modern Standby is Supported in Windows 11


Modern standby is an influence sleep mode that is nonetheless unknown to many individuals. It permits your laptop to keep related to the community while PC is in sleep mode. Cool, proper? This mode was launched in Windows 10 persevering with the Connected Standby energy mannequin launched in Windows 8.1. We deliver to you a useful information that may train you the way to examine if Modern Standby is supported in Windows 11 PC.

How to Check if Modern Standby is Supported in Windows 11

How to Check if Modern Standby is Supported in Windows 11

Modern Standby mode is very advantageous given you may change between two states: Connected or Disconnected, fairly simply. While in the Connected state, because the identify suggests, your PC will stay related to the community, related to the expertise of a cellular gadget. In the Disconnected mode, the community connections might be deactivated to preserve battery life. This flexibility permits customers to change between states in accordance to their wants and situations.

Features of Modern Standby Mode

Microsoft deems Modern Standby (S0 Low Power Idle) to be a worthy successor of Traditional S3 Sleep mode with the next noteworthy options:

  • It solely wakes up the system from sleep when it is essential.
  • It permits the software program to function in a transient, regulated interval of exercise.

What Results in Modern Standby Mode?

Windows OS stays looking out for a set off, for instance, a keypress on the keyboard. When such triggers are acknowledged or any motion that requires person enter, the system wakes itself. Modern Standby is activated when one of many following circumstances are met:

  • The person presses the facility button.
  • The person closes the lid.
  • The person selects Sleep from the facility menu.
  • The System is left idle.

Check if Device Supports Modern Standby on Windows 11

Following are the steps to examine if your laptop helps Modern Standby on Windows 11:

1. Click on the Search icon and kind command immediate, then click on on Open, as proven.

Start menu search results for Command Prompt. How to Check if Computer Supports Modern Standby in Windows 11

2. Here, kind powercfg -a command and press the Enter key to execute.

Command prompt running command for supported sleep states

3A. The output of the command reveals the sleep states supported by your Windows 11 PC below the heading The following sleep states can be found on this technique. For instance, this PC helps these modes:

  • Standby (S3)
  • Hibernate
  • Hybrid Sleep
  • Fast Startup

Output showing supported and unavailable sleep states

3B. Similarly, study unsupported states below the heading The following sleep states usually are not accessible on this technique. For instance, The system firmware on this PC doesn’t assist these standby states:

  • Standby (S1)
  • Standby (S2)
  • Standby (S0 Low Power Idle)

4. Standby (S0 Low Power Idle) sleep state determines whether or not your PC helps Modern Standby or not.

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Pro Tip: How to Switch from Modern Standby to Normal Mode

When the system is triggered to get up from sleep mode due to person interplay, as an illustration, urgent of the facility button, the pc switches out from the Modern Standby state.

  • All elements, be it software program or {hardware}, are restored to regular working states.
  • After the show is turned on, all community gadgets corresponding to Wi-Fi community adapter start to function usually.
  • Likewise, all desktop utility begins to work and the system returns to its native Active state.


We hope this text to be useful in determining if your gadget helps Modern Standby on Windows 11 or not. We can be delighted to discover your strategies and questions in the remark field under so, don’t forget to share your suggestions.