How to Change Cell Size in Google Sheets

Spreadsheet on a laptop

Do you want to make the cells in your Google Sheets spreadsheet greater or smaller? There are a couple of methods to do it, and this information will clarify how.

If you open a brand new Google Sheets spreadsheet, you’ll see the identical factor—a white web page with a grid of cells. Each cell is similar measurement, even when the contents of the cell are greater than the cell borders.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to take into consideration altering the cell sizes in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. You have a couple of methods you are able to do this, from manually resizing the rows or columns to setting a cell (or cells) to precise dimensions.

If you need to understand how to change cell measurement in Google Sheets, comply with the steps beneath.

Can You Resize Individual Cells in Google Sheets?

Before we start, it’s necessary to handle the way you resize a cell in Google Sheets. You can’t resize particular person cells, however you may resize the column or row they sit in.

This is as a result of your cells are in a grid. If you resize a single cell, the grid wouldn’t work. The solely means round this drawback is to merge cells collectively. This creates a bigger cell, however with out shedding the grid integrity.

How to Manually Resize a Row or Column in Google Sheets

The quickest, easiest way to change cell sizes in Google Sheets is to manually resize them. As we’ve talked about, you may’t do that for particular person cells, however you may resize the size of a row or column.

To manually resize a row or column in Google Sheets, open your Google Sheets spreadsheet. Next, hover your mouse cursor over the row or column header borders. The cursor will change to present an arrowhead icon.

The resize column or row cursor in Google Sheets

Once you see this, press down on the border and transfer your mouse cursor. For columns, transfer the column left or proper to resize it. For rows, transfer it up or down.

When you’re pleased with the dimensions of the row or column, launch your mouse button. The cells inside the row or column might be resized—you may repeat this at any level to resize the column once more.

An example of a resized column in Google Sheets

How to Resize Cells in Google Sheets

If you utilize the strategy above, you’ll resize your cells, however you gained’t know the precise measurement. If you want your cells in Google Sheets to have a precise measurement, you’ll want to resize them utilizing the built-in resizing device.

To resize cells in Google Sheets, open your Google Sheets spreadsheet first, then choose a row or column header. With the row or column chosen, right-click the chosen cells and press Resize the row or Resize the column.

The option to resize a column in Google Sheets

In the Resize pop-up menu, sort a brand new measurement worth in pixels. The default worth is 100 until you’ve resized the column or row beforehand.  If you’d slightly resize the row or column to match any cell information, choose the Fit to information choice.

When you’re prepared, press OK to save.

Option to resize a column in Google Sheets

Your column or row will resize to match the brand new dimensions you chose. If you need to resize it once more, repeat the steps above or press Undo to return it to the dimensions you used beforehand.

Merging Cells in Google Sheets

You can’t resize particular person cells in Google Sheets. As we’ve talked about, there’s a workaround—you may merge cells collectively.

To rapidly do that, choose any cells you want to merge collectively in your spreadsheet and choose the Merge Cells button.

The Merge Cells icon in Google Sheets

If you need to undo it afterward, choose the merged cell and press the Merge Cells button once more.

The icon to unmerge cells in Google Sheets

Working in Google Sheets

The steps above ought to enable you to to change cell measurement in Google Sheets—or slightly, change cell sizes. If you need to make a cell greater, you’ll want to merge it with all the cells that sit round it.

This is only one of a number of helpful and distinctive methods to use a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You may use Google Sheets to ship emails or embed the spreadsheet into a web site.

Want to customise Google Sheets additional? You can take away the gridlines to make your spreadsheet look like a single sheet of paper. If you’d desire, you can too export your Google Sheets worksheet to Excel.