How to Blur Images in PowerPoint

A blurred image of a presentation

While PowerPoint isn’t a picture editor, you should utilize it to tweak the pictures in your presentation. To blur your photos in PowerPoint, comply with this information.

You wouldn’t assume to use PowerPoint as a picture editor, however it has a number of hidden instruments up its sleeve.

For occasion, you may want to understand how to blur a picture in PowerPoint. This might enable you take away a reputation, branding, signature, or different delicate content material from a picture. You can then proceed to use the picture in your presentation.

You’ll want to know the place to look, nevertheless. If you’re not sure, right here’s how to blur a picture in PowerPoint.

How to Blur Part of an Image in PowerPoint

There’s no official device that permits you to blur a part of a picture in a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, you’ll want to use a mix of shapes and different options to do it.

To blur a part of a picture in PowerPoint:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Press Insert > Shapes and choose an appropriate form that’ll cowl your picture.
    Inserting a shape in PowerPoint
  3. Draw the picture onto your slide and place it over the world of the picture you need to blur.
  4. If you need to design a customized form, press Insert > Shapes, choose one of many freeform line choices, and draw the customized form onto the slide as an alternative.
    Drawing a shape in PowerPoint
  5. With the form in place, choose it.
  6. In the Shape Format tab, press Shape Fill.
  7. Select the Eyedropper choice from the menu.
    Using the eyedropper tool in Excel
  8. Use the eyedropper to choose a shade out of your background picture—this can enable the form to mix in with it.
  9. Afterward, press Shape Effects > Soft Edges and select one of many comfortable edge variations from the drop-down menu.
    Setting soft edges to a shape in PowerPoint

With the adjustments above made, the form will cowl and blur an space of your picture. If you need to restore the picture, delete the form—the picture behind it can return to regular.

How to Blur an Entire Image in PowerPoint

It’s a lot simpler to blur a complete picture in PowerPoint—you are able to do this from the Picture Format menu.

To blur a complete picture in PowerPoint:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Select your picture.
  3. If you aren’t switched robotically, choose Picture Format from the ribbon.
  4. In the Picture Format menu, choose Artistic Effects.
  5. Choose the Blur choice in the drop-down menu—the blur impact will seem throughout your whole picture.
    Blurring an entire image in PowerPoint
  6. To enhance or lower the blurring impact, press Artistic Effects > Artistic Effects Options.
    Editing the image artistic effects options in PowerPoint
  7. In the Format Picture menu, enhance or lower the Radius worth. Increasing the worth will enhance the blur impact whereas reducing the worth will lower it.
    Adjusting the artistic effects radius in PowerPoint

Creating Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

The steps above ought to enable you to rapidly blur a picture in PowerPoint. This isn’t the one factor you are able to do in PowerPoint, nevertheless.

You could determine to add audio to your presentation for fast and simple narration. You may change your slide sizes or think about using slide transitions to create extra distinctive displays.

Want to change from PowerPoint? You can simply convert a PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides to edit your presentation totally free on-line.