How to Alphabetize in Google Sheets

Working in a spreadsheet

Need to manage your knowledge in alphabetical order? There are a few simple methods to alphabetize in Google Sheets. Here’s how.

It will be troublesome to type by way of info in a giant knowledge set. If you’re utilizing Google Sheets, you need to use sorting instruments to allow you to manage your knowledge. For instance, in the event you wished to type an inventory of names, you would alphabetize the record.

There are a few methods to do that in Google Sheets, together with built-in instruments and formulation. If you need to understand how to alphabetize in Google Sheets, right here’s what you’ll want to do.

How to Alphabetize in Google Sheets by Sorting

Google Sheets contains quite a lot of simply accessible and simple-to-use instruments to manipulate your knowledge. This contains filtering and sorting instruments that enable you to rapidly transfer cells round, permitting you to rapidly alphabetize them. If you’re new to Google Sheets, that is in all probability the simplest means to do that.

To alphabetize in Google Sheets utilizing sorting:

  1. Open your Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  2. Select the cells containing your knowledge. Alternatively, press the column or row header to choose all the cells in that row or column.
  3. Press Data > Sort Range and choose one of many choices to type the chosen cells by A to Z or Z to A.
    Sorting a range of cells in Google Sheets to alphabetize them

Once you’ve alphabetized the cell vary, your knowledge will reorganize into the chosen order. For instance, selecting A to Z will imply the textual content in these cells will re-organize in order that cells with textual content beginning with A are on the prime, whereas cells beginning with Z are on the backside.

If your cells include numerical values, an analogous possibility (low values to excessive, or excessive values to low) will apply as a substitute.

How to Use the SORT Function in Google Sheets

If you need to depart the unique order of your cells intact, you would use the SORT operate in Google Sheets. Using SORT, you possibly can create a brand new, alphabetized column of knowledge.

The format of a components containing the SORT operate is easy. If you need to manage one thing from A to Z, you merely use the next components:


For instance, =SORT(A2:A11) would return an alphabetized record of cells in a brand new cell vary from the unique knowledge in cell vary A2 to A11. We’ve demonstrated this (utilizing letters) under.The SORT function in Google Sheets

For additional info on how to use SORT in a components, refer to the Google Sheets documentation.

Using Your Google Sheets Data

Using the steps above, you possibly can simply alphabetize in Google Sheets. The identical instruments work properly with numbers, too, permitting you to change the order of values from highest to smallest (and vice versa). You can do related methods in Excel utilizing the customized type characteristic.

Once you’ve alphabetized your knowledge, you possibly can then take into consideration how to use it. For instance, in the event you create a spreadsheet containing an inventory of names in alphabetical order you would create a guidelines in Google Sheets.