How Long Does a PS4 Controller Last? (5 Ways to Extend it)

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Have you been utilizing your PS4 controller and all of the sudden really feel like there are glitches and its efficiency is just not because it as soon as was? Well, you may need surpassed the PS4 controller lifespan. There are many issues that might have an effect on your controller’s efficiency and amongst them are PS4 controller battery life and the way its buttons and joystick work.

Essentially, the PS4 controller lifespan lasts round 7 years after which the battery cost will start to lower and its joysticks would possibly turn out to be much less delicate.

However, typically issues might happen which can have an effect on the controller earlier than it reaches the seven-year milestone. It’s at all times good to learn and this text will let you know all the pieces you want to learn about your controller’s battery life.

How lengthy does a PS4 controller final?

Let’s begin with a new PS4 controller – you would wish to know how lengthy does a ps4 controller battery final so to cost it in time. Since it has a commonplace 1000mAH battery, the cost will simply final about 4-8 hours however its capability considerably reduces with every recharge.

Of course, whereas that is true, it additionally is dependent upon the way in which you employ your controller. If it’s inclined to tough use usually then you definately’ll see the modifications earlier on. However, you’ll be able to at all times make certain it lasts longer by:

1. Changing Your Controller Before You Shut Down: Your PS4 controller battery is most used up whenever you perform different actions resembling streaming YouTube as properly. Since it’s at all times powered on, your battery will drain out before you assume. The smartest thing to do is to mechanically flip it off inside ten minutes.

2. Reducing the quantity and light-weight to preserve PS4 controller lifespan: Your controller’s quantity is commonly louder than mandatory. You can lower this by:

  • Going to settings
  • Open the choice named “devices” and choose the tab “controllers.”
  • Select the choice “Volume control.”

To flip down the sunshine, you’ll be able to:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the choice named “devices” and choose “controllers.”
  • Once you discover the DUALSHOCK 4 lightbar brightness, you’ll be able to simply dim it.

3. Make positive the vibration is turned off: PS4 controller battery life is severely affected by the vibration operate of the DUALSHOCK 4 controller. To guarantee your vibration is disabled, you’ll be able to:

  • Open settings and go to “devices.”
  • Select the choice named “controllers on your PS4.”
  • You will see the choice named “enable vibration;” ensure you uncheck it.

4. Make positive you preserve the temperature: PS4 controller lifespan will be considerably affected by its place in the home. To make certain it doesn’t deteriorate quick, you should have to look into two issues:

  • It is avoided direct daylight.
  • It is stored at room temperature.

5. Make positive you employ protectors: PS4 controller protectors can preserve your joysticks protected from misuse when they’re positioned idle.

Effects of overuse on Dualshock 4 battery life

Now that you understand how lengthy a PS4 controller final, it’s time to have a take a look at what are the probabilities you’ll get to witness in your controller over time.

1. Battery Life decreases with time: Much like telephones, your DualShock 4 battery life decreases considerably with time. You’ll discover that the older your controller is, the earlier its cost finishes off. It’s vital to be aware that, with each couple of hours of cost, the life drains away. Remember to change controllers you probably have multiple and preserve charging docks with you.

2. Your Joystick will be affected: Contrary to widespread perception, it’s not simply the PS4 controller battery life that’s affected over time. Also relying on how you employ your controller, your PS4 controller will delay the strikes you make in your joystick. This can be affected by the storage. You’ll additionally discover a stick drift. Stick drift is when your analog sticks might trigger slight motion when they aren’t getting used as a result of they aren’t set naturally of their zeroed place. You can keep away from this by storing your controllers of their upright place so they don’t transfer round, particularly when touring.

3. The responsiveness out of your controller buttons: PS4 controllers have a tendency to lag over time. This typically occurs due to a glitch in communication between each the console in addition to the controller. You can repair this by restarting the system.

Keep in thoughts that the controller’s age doesn’t have an effect on the responsiveness of the buttons however cleanliness does. Often, meals or grime can get caught between the cracks main to a main lag in how your controller responds to your instructions. This can be not a consequence of the PS4 controller lifespan.


Now that you understand all the pieces you want to learn about how lengthy does a PS4 controller final and how one can guarantee correct utilization, you’ll be able to work with the precautions and luxuriate in longer gameplay with none issues!